Twitter Twists and Turns

This session will walk you through setting up a Twitter account, finding people to follow, and learning how to navigate around Twitter.
Leave prepared to connect and learn.

Leave connected-no experience needed!
Presenter: Karla Duff - Oelwein Middle School Teacher @teacher6th

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Have a seat, it is time to Tweet!

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Tools I Find Most Helpful:

      • Hash Tags ed hashtags, #edtech, #comment4kids, #edchat, #kidlit, #FF (Follow Friday)

      • Iowa Hash Tags: #iowaed, #iasped, #youmatter

      • Chats: #elemchat, #edchat, #titletalk, #engchat, #midleved #iaedchat #sschat

      • Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck

      • Media Share: Twitpic Lets you share media in real-time

  • Purchased-Twitter-Bird-Round-Fotolia_21162897_M448x336-300x294.jpgPersonal Learning Communities/PD 24:7

    • WHAT you want to know, WHEN you need to know it
      • Twitterverse: That little place between your computer & the edge of the universe where people inspire you, 140 characters at a time. #PLC

      • Twitter is the biggest, best staffroom you can find, and share! Watch this and share with anyone who doesn’t believe you

        Twitter for Teachers in 60 seconds

      • Share your experiences. If you have a blog or web link that can add additional information to your tweet, use sites like and to shorten the URLs. Research suggests that tweets w/ links get more attention

  • Purchased-Twitter-Bird-Round-Fotolia_21162897_M448x336-300x294.jpgCONNECTING YOUR CLASSROOM:

  • Purchased-Twitter-Bird-Round-Fotolia_21162897_M448x336-300x294.jpgSTUDENT DIRECTED CONNECTIONS: Hash tags are a must during these activities

      • Book Share: Novel/Story: Character chosen: Chapter/section: What would this character “tweet” at the end of this chapter or section? Write it as though you are that character.

        • "Hate my life. Hate the Capital. Hate the Hunger Games. Hate the thought of sister in the Games above all. #whateverittakes #familyfirst "

      • Author Chats/ Editing /Revising: Follow and share with favorite author

      • Back Channel Tweeting: Share what you are learning as it is happening

      • Book Share/Club: Share what you are reading and thoughts with other Twitter readers

      • Book Hooks: Get them reading! example= @kidderlit Twittering the first lines of kids' books so you don't have to

      • Fun Links:

Lurk and Learn ...and for your safety:
 A Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to Twitter
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