Iowa Reading Conference: 2011
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Presenter: Karla Duff - 6th Grade Teacher - Oelwein Middle @teacher6th

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Twitter, Skype, Blog:These are words that are becoming more and more common in classrooms as technology advances. This session will share the "how to" and "why" of social networking between authors, books and the classroom.

  • Purchased-Twitter-Bird-Round-Fotolia_21162897_M448x336-300x294.jpgSKYPE:Open your classroom to the world: Author Visits, Class Shares, & Collaboration

  • Purchased-Twitter-Bird-Round-Fotolia_21162897_M448x336-300x294.jpgBLOG: Easy way to connect, learn, and share with others.

    • Account Set Up: Blog video,,

    • Class Blog: Classroom blog that connects students, parents, teachers, and myself with others around the world. Spot to Read

    • Student Blog: Students writing for a real audience OMS 6th Grade

    • Professional Blog: Educators connecting and sharing with others -uplifting and right in the classroom thinking

  • Purchased-Twitter-Bird-Round-Fotolia_21162897_M448x336-300x294.jpgCONNECT YOUR CLASSROOM:

  • Purchased-Twitter-Bird-Round-Fotolia_21162897_M448x336-300x294.jpgSTUDENT DIRECTED CONNECTIONS: Hash tags are a must during these activities

    • Book Share: Novel/Story: Character chosen: Chapter/section: What would this character “tweet” at the end of this chapter or section? Write it as though you are that character.

      • "Hate my life. Hate the Capital. Hate the Hunger Games. Hate the thought of sister in the Games above all. #whateverittakes #familyfirst "

    • Author Chats: Follow and share with favorite author.

    • Book Share/Club: Share what you are reading and thoughts with other Twitter readers.

    • Book Hooks: Get them reading! example= @kidderlit Twittering the first lines of kids' books so you don't have to.

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