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Simple Intro to Twitter:

  • Twitter is a micro-blog: 140 characters, including twitter name and spaces

  • Communication through the exchange of quick short messages and links

  • Can be used on a computer and/or a mobile device

  • Make connections and share and gather information

IMG_0382.JPG (2).JPGTweet Tips:
  • Reply/Post- goes to everyone who is following you (@teacher6th)

  • Direct Message- goes to an individual follower (DM @teacher6th)

  • Retweet- to forward a tweet from someone else (RT@teacher6th)

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Tweet others as you wish to be tweeted.



Do I really want to know this?10/14/11

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IA Tweet-Up 2010

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@cybraryman1 –Is the man-to-go-to with any Twitter-education questions. Jerry is an educator with many years of experience and seems to be the man with all the answers. You will often see him moderating and participating in chats and sharing his innumerable education web pages.If he doesn't know the answer, his PLN will in lightning speed!
His Twitter website is AMAZING!